Instagram Verified Badge For Sale: Read This Before You Buy

Instagram Verified Badge can cost anywhere from $5k to $25k.

Verified badges can come with tens and even hundreds of thousands of followers. Generally, the more followers, the more you will have to pay to get the badge.

A seller can send you a DM from an Instagram account that has a verified badge to prove its ownership before you buy it.

Please be aware that most such accounts have been hacked and stolen. The seller may restore access to the account with a verified badge once you buy it, and you will lose the badge and money altogether.

How Not To Buy an Instagram Verified Badge

Let us deconstruct the scam step-by-step:

  1. A seller offers you to buy Instagram Verified Badge.
  2. The seller send you a message from the verified account. To prove he owns it.
  3. You send the first part of your payment to the seller or send funds to an escrow.
  4. The seller gives you access to the account with the verified badge.
  5. You change the password for the Instagram account and think that you’re in control of it.
  6. You send the balance payment or release the escrow funds.
  7. After some time, the seller uses the Original Email of the Instagram account with a verified badge you purchased and recovers access to it.
  8. That’s it. Your badge and your money have gone.

What Is Original Email?

The Original Email is the email used to create the Instagram account. Whoever has access to the Original Email can regain access to that account.

You can find the Original Email in Settings, Security, Access Data, Former Email Addresses. The Original Email is the last email on the list.

If you ever decide to buy a verified account, please make sure it comes with the OGE. Access the OGE, and change its password before you pay.

In addition, please note that Instagram prohibits buying and selling verified accounts in their official documentation:

Keep in mind that Instagram can remove verified badges at any time and may take away your badge or disable your account if you advertise, transfer or sell your verified badge.

We hope this article helped your purchasing decision.

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Sophia Carrington

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