Instagram Shadowban: Everything You Should Know

Instagram shadowban is real. You can be sure that you have one if you see your reach drops right off the cliff overnight.

Do not worry if you have been shadowbanned. This guide will give you all the information that you need.

So you could know how long the shadowban lasts. And how to use this time to fix your account.

What Is Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram shadowban is a penalty for violating Instagram community guidelines.

The penalty causes a sharp decline in reach. So Instagram users could see less content from the account in question.

Violation of the guidelines may include any of the most common reasons:

  1. Sharing posts considered as nudity, harassment, and discrimination;
  2. Posting misleading health and financial information;
  3. Buying likes and followers;
  4. Participating in loop giveaways;
  5. Participating in engagement groups;
  6. Infringing copyright and trademarks.

How Long Does Instagram Shadowban Last

Instagram shadowban lasts for 14 days. It’s highly recommended that you do not post any content during 14 days of the shadowban. And engage with your audience via stories instead.

Instagram Shadowban Test

You can test your account for shadowban with the following two methods. It’s highly recommended that you use both methods for more accurate judgment.

Method 1: Check If You Have Penalties

  1. Go to Settings, Account, Account Status.;
  2. Any given penalties will show up there;
  3. If you have penalties, It may indicate that you have a shadowban.

Method 2: Check If You Have a Sharp Reach Drop

  1. Connect your Instagram account to Metricool. You may use their free plan.
  2. Metricool will finish gathering your account data. And will list your posts chronologically.
  3. Look at the reach column;
  4. If you notice a sharp reach decline between your newer and older posts, that is a strong indication that you have been shadowbanned.

How To Fix Instagram Shadowban

  1. Do not post for 14 days of the shadowban.
  2. If you have penalties, go through your latest content. And remove anything that may violate the Instagram community guidelines.
  3. Use the 14 days to prepare a month worth of engaging content for your audience.
  4. Once the shadowban period is over, start posting the content at regular intervals.
  5. Use this guide to learn how to craft a viral content.
  6. Use this guide to increase your engagement.

These six steps shall get you out of shadowban. And fix your reach and engagement drop.

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