Instagram Profile Picture, Bio, Username, And Name: Full Guide

This guide will show you how to craft a perfect Instagram profile picture, bio, username, and name. So you could boost your followers, leads, and sales.

If you struggle to convert your Instagram visitors into loyal followers and clients, then you are in the right place. Let us dive in.

Instagram Profile Picture

Your Instagram profile picture is the first thing people see. Make sure it sparks affinity for your potential and existing followers.

The profile picture should be of high quality and not stretched. It should represent only you or your brand.

Do not include other people or unnecessary things in it.

Make sure your profile picture displays your face. Though it can also show your body, it is generally not recommended to put your entire body into the profile picture. In this case, you miss the chance to display your identity right off the bat.

Finally, please make sure your Instagram profile picture size is 500×500 pixels. These dimensions will ensure your profile pic looks perfect in the app and online.

You can download the Instagram profile picture template from our templates kit here.

Bonus Tip:

If you are looking for an Instagram profile picture viewer or want to download an Instagram profile picture from someone else account, you may use a range of online Instagram viewers and downloaders. One of them is

Instagram Bio

Let us jump into crafting a perfect Instagram bio. If you follow these recommendations, you will see a significant improvement in engagement and conversions from your IG account.

Step 1: Think of your Instagram bio as your business card. And write down answers to the following questions:

What do your potential and existing followers see when they check your Instagram profile?

Why would they follow your account?

Why do you follow accounts that belong to people you never met personally?

Step 2: Write down the answers. And convert them into 150 characters to convince people to follow your account. Buy your product or engage with any call to action.

Step 3: Use the following tips to craft a perfect Instagram bio.

Do not explain the reasons. Sell them in your Instagram profile bio.

Sell the benefits and final results that your product, service, or your Instagram account brings. A classic example is you do not want to sell a drill. You want to sell a hole in the wall.

Use emojis

Emojis attract more attention than plain text. But keep it clean. Do not use too many.

Use SEO-rich keywords

Did you know that the Instagram algorithm pulls keywords from your Instagram username, name, and bio?

We will touch Instagram username and name in a moment. Now please note that the Instagram algorithm pulls the keywords from your bio. And suggests your Instagram profile to users that showed interest in these keywords.

For example, they may have used these keywords in an Instagram search. Or they engaged with the content and other profiles that used this keyword in a post caption, bio, or hashtags. Or they may be subscribed to the same hashtag.

Think of it as a free promotion tool that opens your Instagram profile up to a whole community of qualified leads who have shown interest in your offer. How cool is that?

Use Hashtags

Like in a previous recommendation, the Instagram algorithm pulls hashtags from your bio and suggests your Instagram profile to a qualified audience with a strong affinity with the hashtags.

In this way, if you use hashtags in your Instagram profile bio, you will boost your IG SEO and attract more qualified leads and followers.

Use Calls To Action (CTA)

Use calls to action to buy your product or service, start a free trial, subscribe, or learn more.

Calls to action entice people to take immediate action. Use it to your advantage.

Localize your bio for your target audience

Yes, there is a built-in feature to translate an Instagram bio, but how accurate is that? The more complex your text, the more likely the default translation will not be accurate.

If your Instagram target audience is terrible in English like me, consider including your custom translation in your Instagram bio.

Do not mess with Instagram bio font

I will be transparent. Custom Instagram bio fonts do a great job making an Instagram profile stand out. Not in a good way.

Instagram knows a thing or two about a good and clean design. It is at the core of Instagram philosophy.

There is a reason why they use Neue Helvetica as a default Instagram font. Including bio.

Neue Helvetica is a clean and readable font. It works great on every possible device. Stick to it and maintain a professional and clean bio.

Instagram Bio Ideas

Brands spend millions of dollars on social media marketing research, analysis, and tests. No wonder why you will see them all implementing the above practices to boost followers, leads and sales.

Let us check them out together to pick up some Instagram bio ideas for you.

Canva Instagram profile bio example


Canva does not sell design tools and templates. They sell an opportunity to design anything and publish anywhere.

Do not explain the reasons. Sell them in your Instagram bio. Check!

Planoly Instagram profile bio example


Planoly uses emojis to subtly highlight the most critical parts of their Instagram profile bio.

Use emojis. Check!

Udemy Instagram profile bio example


Udemy knows that the prospects are looking to learn and teach and uses it as keywords in their Instagram bio.

Use SEO-rich keywords in your Instagram bio. Check!

Mobile Monkey Instagram profile bio example


Mobile Monkey is an official Instagram partner that sells chatbots.

A chatbot is a very searchable keyword on Instagram and the web. No wonder they made a smart move and included it as a hashtag in their Instagram profile bio.

Use Hashtags in your Instagram. Check!

Hopper Instagram profile bio example


Hopper appears in front of their prospects with a straightforward call to action. Right off the bat.

Use calls to action in your Instagram Bio. Check!

Metricool Instagram profile bio example


Metricool knows its target audience. And it knows that this audience may not speak English. Therefore they proactively addressed it in their profile bio.

Localize your Instagram bio for your target audience. Check!

Let us resume our progress:

  1. Do not explain the reasons. Sell them. Check.
  2. Emojis. Check.
  3. SEO-rich keywords. Check.
  4. Hashtags. Check.
  5. Calls To Action. Check.
  6. Localization for your target audience. Check.

Well done! It is time to choose a perfect Instagram username for you.

Instagram Username

Instagram username is unique. It means that no one can take and use your username until you change it.

Choosing the optimal username for your Instagram profile means more followers, leads, and sales. Let us jump into the rules that make great usernames.

Your Instagram username shall be searchable.

As you already learned, Instagram pulls keywords data from your entire Instagram profile to understand your target audience.

And it starts with your Instagram username.

Make sure your username contains the keyword you target the most. For example, let us assume you sell bonsai trees.

If you include bonsai in your Instagram username, it will increase your visibility.

Let us see how step-by-step.

You become immediately visible in Instagram search results.

  1. People search for bonsai on Instagram;
  2. Your bonsai related username appears in search results;
  3. People want to learn more about your profile and check you out.
  4. There you have it. Now you can convert your visitors to whatever CTA you have.

You become visible to those who follow related hashtags.

Whenever someone follows the bonsai hashtag, you will become visible to this person among suggested accounts, feed content, and explore tab posts.

You become visible to those who searched for your offer online.

Google keyword planner shows that more than one million people search for bonsai on the web every month.

When this audience checks IG, Instagram knows they were looking for bonsai. And it knows that you may offer something to them.

Therefore, like in the previous case, there is a high chance you will appear among suggested accounts, feed content, and explore tab posts.

One million people every month. Think of that. And all it took you to have their attention is to include bonsai in your Instagram username.

Your Instagram username shall reflect your location.

Any country or city included in your Instagram username is also a keyword for the Instagram algorithm.

If you sell bonsai trees specifically in New York, add it to your Instagram username. Here are some examples: bonsainewyork, bonsai.newyork.

The simpler your Instagram username, the better.

This recommendation is straightforward.

Make sure your Instagram username is easy to read. Do not use numbers. Avoid special characters if they are not necessary.

If you need to separate words in your username, choose period over underscore. It will make your username look cleaner and shorter.

Now you should have some great Instagram username ideas to craft your perfect username and boost your followers, leads, and sales.

If you need a simple instruction about how to change the Instagram username, here it is:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile;
  2. Tap on Edit Profile;
  3. Type your new username in the relevant field;
  4. If the username is free, you will see a green tick;
  5. Hit Done.

Bonus Tips:

Instagram username generator.

If you need some more Instagram username ideas, you may use a free Instagram username generator like or any similar one.

Do not lose your perfect Instagram username!

If you ever decide to change your Instagram username. And someone will take it. You will not be able to take it back unless it’s vacated again.

Please also note that once you change the username, your old Instagram link will get broken, or worse, it will lead to your competitor. In case he takes your username.

That said, it is time to address the last component of your perfect Instagram profile. Your Instagram name.

Let’s nail it down!

Instagram Name

It may seem that it is not much you can do with your Instagram name. Your name is your name. But in reality, you can optimize it too. Follow me.

Your Instagram name is another valuable asset that can bring more followers, leads, and sales your way.

Here is how you can achieve that.

Make sure your Instagram name is searchable.

Everything mentioned in the Instagram username section applies to your Instagram name too.

Feel free to refresh on this part. And make sure you implement the same best practices for your Instagram name.

Make sure your Instagram name reflects the essence of your account.

Use your Instagram name to help people understand you, and what you do. Or what your brand does. And what is the purpose of your Instagram account.

If you decide to make improvements and want to know how to change the Instagram name, here is a simple instruction.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile;
  2. Tap on Edit Profile;
  3. Type your new Instagram name in the relevant field;
  4. Hit Done.

Pro Tip:

In case if you apply for Instagram verification, make sure you provide the full name that matches your legal name and Instagram profile name in the verification form.

It is not apparent for many. But if your Instagram account name does not match the legal name, your request will get rejected.

Bonus: Insta Stories Highlights

The more time people spend in your Instagram account, the more affinity and trust you build.

Insta stories highlights are a perfect tool to retain your prospects and help them stick with your Instagram profile for a longer time.

Craft engaging story highlights to provide your prospects with more actionable information while giving your Instagram profile a touch of completeness and vibrance.

Please also make sure your story highlights have clean and professional covers.

Segregate your highlights by topic. It will help your followers navigate across your Instagram profile more easily.

Use calls to action with link stickers in your highlights to funnel your prospects off Instagram to any destination you need. It can be a product page, free trial, learn more page, a blog post. Or literary anything you can imagine.

Perfect Instagram Profile: Conclusions

If you take time to implement recommendations from this guide, you will boost your followers, leads, and sales with your Instagram profile picture, bio, username, and name.

Make sure you download this guide in PDF. And use it to build a strong Instagram profile strategy.

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