Instagram Pods: Save Your Time And Money

Like with giveaways and bots, Instagram pods can boost or destroy your Instagram account and business overnight.

Follow this guide to learn everything you need to decide if you should use the pods. And if you do, how to make the most of it.

What Are Instagram Pods?

Instagram pods or Instagram engagement groups are groups of people. With similar size of following. That engage with the content posted by every other group member. To boost the post reach and engagement. And pass the micro-test.

Instagram engagement groups may include ten to hundreds of people. The more people in the group, the more engagement you can receive. On the other hand, the more work you have to do.

Instagram Pod Rules

Participating in Instagram pods means you have to engage with every post shared by other group members within the first hour of the post being published.

In return, you get an engagement from every other group member when it’s our turn.

An engagement includes liking the post, leaving a comment. Saving or sharing the post.

What Are The Benefits Of Instagram Pods?

If you participate in a small pod of up to ten people that have a decent audience size, you can increase your following and engagement. Without worrying that Instagram will catch you for artificial engagement, or suspicious activity.

To access such groups you also need to have a decent size of following.

To play it safe, participate in no more than one pod. Make sure it’s small enough. And that it only accepts members with authentic followers.

Read this guide if you need to grow our account before accessing such pods.

What Are The Risks Of Instagram Pods?

99% of pods are useless and dangerous. These kinds of pods are big groups with hundreds of people who leave cliche comments, clearly indicating to Instagram about their suspicious nature.

Moreover, the bigger the pod the more time and energy you have to spend to engage with everyone’s content.

Conclusions And Next Steps

I would not recommend including Instagram pods in your growth strategy. There are easier and completely authentic ways to grow your following, engagement, and influence. Follow this guide to learn more.

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