Instagram Monetization: Four Ways To Grow Your Revenue

This guide will walk you through all Instagram monetization methods. Including Instagram shopping. Paid shoutouts and brand deals. Product sales and affiliation.

If you already have a decent amount of followers and engagement on Instagram, you can proceed to the following chapter.

But if you need to give your account healthy growth to make the most of Instagram monetization. You can read our free guides that will show you how to grow your followers and engagement.

Paid Shoutouts And Brand Deals

The most straightforward Instagram monetization method is to offer paid shoutouts and brand deals.

A paid shoutout or a brand deal is when you share a post featuring another person or brand.

Brand deals are similar to shoutouts where you feature a particular brand and its products.

Your account should have at least 5,000 authentic followers to use this monetization method.

You can start promoting your paid shoutouts and brand deals service by including your offer in your Instagram bio.

You can also consider joining influencers networks, such as or partnership network by

How Much Can You Charge For A Shoutout Or A Brand Deal

If you are a nano influencer with 1k-10k followers, you can charge $30-$50 per shoutout.

There is also a rule of thumb where companies pay anywhere from 1 to 8 cents for each of your followers.

That said, depending on your followers’ count, your numbers could look something like this:

  • 10k followers: $30 per post;
  • 50k followers: $100 per post;
  • 200k followers: $250 per post.

If you need a more detailed estimate for your particular account, you can use Hypeauditor.

This tool will analyze your account and provide you with a more accurate cost per your Instagram story and post.

Please note that brands use Hypeauditor to audit accounts they consider partnering with. So make sure you check yours beforehand.

How To Make The Most Of Your Paid Shoutouts And Brand Deals

  1. Be selective about the people, brands, and content to work with;
  2. Choose niche-specific clients that share the same interest with your audience;
  3. Choose unobtrusive ads over aggressive promotions;
  4. Prove your pricing with data from Hypeauditor or other similar analytical tools.

Affiliate Partnerships

If you don’t have any product to sell, you can always sell someone else’s product for a 10%-50% commission from each sale.

You can start with sites like or to pick the right products that suit your audience, brand, and business goals.

Many well-known influencers started their Instagram monetization journey with affiliate partnerships, before selling their own products. More on that in a bit.

Launch And Sell Your Products

Despite critics, Instagram is a great place to sell your products.

Use link stickers and DMs automation to drive your audience to the product sales page and convert your Instagram into a sales machine.

Remember to entertain, inspire and educate your followers along with your Instagram monetization campaigns.

It is the best way to appear as a source of value and trust for your audience, who will be willing to continue following you. Engage with your content. And buy your products.

Set Up Instagram Shopping

If you sell tangible products and your country is a part of Instagram-supported markets, you can use the Instagram shopping feature to boost your store revenue.

Planoly has put together a comprehensive guide to start and grow your Instagram shopping. You can read it here.

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