Instagram Guides: Complete Walkthrough

Instagram guides are a great way to increase your engagement and followers. This article will explain how you can use the guides to grow your Instagram influence.

What Are Instagram Guides?

Instagram guides are categories for Instagram content. You can collect your posts or content from other accounts into the guides unified by a single topic.

When people go through your guides, they have an option to access and engage with your content in one place.

Instagram Guides And The Algorithm

The number one priority for Instagram is to keep its users in the app for as long as possible.

The longer users stay, the more ads Instagram sells. And the more revenue it generates for its parent company – Facebook.

That’s why Instagram and Facebook love it when you help them sustain their business goal.

The longer you keep your followers in your feed and stories, the better you rank for the Instagram algorithm. And the more distribution you get for your content. Which drives more engagement, conversions, sales, and influence.

This is where Instagram guides become critical to keep your followers ever longer inside your content.

As your followers scroll through the guide that you have carefully organized, they watch your content. Then, they view the related content within the same guide.

They may save your post and come back to it later until they consume your entire guide, multiplying the view time and engagement for your account.

It has the same effect as interlinking articles in your blog or videos in your Youtube channel.

Users are more likely to view more of your content if you seamlessly serve it in one place.

Instagram Guides Ideas And Use Cases

Here are some examples of how influencers and brands use Instagram guides.

  1. How-to guides;
  2. Read list;
  3. Watch list;
  4. Recipes;
  5. Art collections;
  6. Promos, sales, and special offers catalog;
  7. Free downloads library;
  8. Design ideas;
  9. DIY ideas;
  10. Fashion collections;
  11. Travel destinations;
  12. Handbooks and references;
  13. Press and news list;
  14. Free courses;
  15. Bucket lists;
  16. Music playlists;
  17. Trends lists;
  18. Holidays list;
  19. Behind the scenes content (also works well for Story highlights);

Who Can Benefit The Most From The Guides

Instagram guides are a perfect fit for anyone who considers adding content curation to their Instagram growth strategy. Here is just a shortlist:

  1. Cooks;
  2. Educators;
  3. Authors;
  4. Designers;
  5. Entrepreneurs;
  6. Models;
  7. Artists;
  8. Bloggers;
  9. Brands;
  10. Publishers;
  11. Photographers;
  12. Videographers;
  13. Creators.

Where To Find Instagram Guides?

  1. Chose an account;
  2. If the account has active guides, you will see the Guides icon;
  3. Tap on the Guides icon to see the guides;

How To Create Instagram Guides

  1. In your account, tap on the Plus button;
  2. Chose Guides;
  3. Select Places or Posts;
  4. In case of Posts, add content from All saved or Your posts;
  5. In the case of Places, add content from Search, Saved, or Your Posts;
  6. Add a title;
  7. Add a cover photo;
  8. Describe what is the guide about;
  9. Give a title and a short description to the posts in your guide;
  10. Tap Next;
  11. Preview and share your guide.

Conclusions And Next Steps

Instagram introduces every feature for a good reason. And Instagram guides are one of them.

If you actively use the given features, you will grow your reach, engagement, followers, influence. And revenue.

Use the tips from this article to create and share your first guide. Or create some more guides with these ideas and insights.

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