Instagram DMs: The Secret Tool Of Rich and Famous

Did you know that your Instagram DMs have a 95% view rate as opposed to 25% for the content you post in your feed?

This single revelation may change everything for your engagement and revenue. Like it did for those who are crushing it on Instagram while you’re reading this.

Interested to learn more? Let us dig in.

Instagram DMs Can Increase Your Reach

Here is another secret. What you put in the DM is not different from the content in your feed or stories.

The Instagram algorithm scans the topics of your DMs and suggests your account and posts to people who have a strong affinity with that topic.

For example, if you DM with words like cats and travel, Instagram will start recommending your content to people who have shown interest in cats and travel. How simple but powerful is that?

Influencers and brands are aware of it. That’s why they always include niche-related words and phrases in their DMs.

DMs Can Build Affinity With Your Followers And Leads

Your DMs increase affinity score with the accounts you message. This means they will more likely see your next posts and content as Instagram sees you messaged each other.

Big Instagram accounts know that too. That’s why they automatically DM people who engage with their posts. More on that in the chapter below.

Instagram DMs Can Skyrocket Your Email List

Email is still the king. If you ignore it, you leave a lot of money on the table.

Let us see how you can use Instagram DMs to skyrocket your mail list and grow your sales.

In our example, we will automate our Instagram messaging with InstaChamp – an Instagram chatbot that has been officially approved by Facebook.

Here is what we need to do:

  1. Register a free account with InstaChamp here.
  2. Set up a DM automation.
  3. Prepare an Instagram post with a valuable offer. It may be a free download, discount code, etc.
  4. Your caption should say something like: “Leave a comment if you want to download the file”
  5. Publish the post.
  6. People start commenting.
  7. InstaChamp starts sending automated DMs to those who comment. Collects their emails, phone numbers and sends them the link to download the promised file.

That is it! Once the emails and phone numbers start collecting in your InstaChamp account, you can export them to your email or SMS sender for further marketing and sales.

Pro Tip: Use Flowdesk to easily manage your email list and send beautiful and engaging emails to your subscribers.

You can start for free. And if you ever decide to upgrade to their unlimited plan, here is a 50% discount code for you.

Instagram DMs Can Increase Your Engagement Rate Up To 1300%

Our example with the InstaChamp bot leads to up to 1300% higher engagement for your Instagram posts.

There is no limit to where it can go. From going viral on Instagram to doubling and tripling your followers and sales growth overnight.

Instagram DMs Can Help You Build Trust With Your Audience

If you constantly provide value in your DMs like in the example above, your audience will be more likely to continue following you. Engage with your content and buy from you.

Instagram DMs Can Help You Funnel Your Audience

Influencers and brands use DMs with links to seamlessly funnel their prospects of Instagram to a target location. It can be a product sales page. A free download page. A webinar or newsletter sign-up form.

Conclusions And Next Steps

If you put this article to use, your growth, engagement, and sales potential are limitless.

Use these secrets to set up your first DM automation, or a mail list. Or to increase your engagement, followers and go viral on Instagram.

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