Instagram Bots: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Like with pods and giveaways, Instagram bots can increase your engagement and followers. But they can also destroy your Instagram account overnight.

This guide will walk you through the good, the bad, and the ugly bots. So you could make an informed decision for your Instagram growth strategy.

Good Instagram Bots

Good bots are officially approved by Instagram and Facebook. So they are safe to use and comply with Instagram and Facebook guidelines.

An example of a good Instagram bot is the Instachamp from Mobile monkey.

This Instagram chatbot collects emails and phone numbers from your leads. It also automates your DM communication with everyone who engages with your posts and stories.

Bad Instagram Bots

These bots are the ones that automate likes, comments, follow and unfollow.

The problem with these bots is they can trigger suspicious activity in your account. Which may result in suspension or ban of your little Instagram empire or business.

There are numerous follow, unfollow, like, and comment bots on the web. And all of them claim they are risk-free.

But I would not buy it. There are free and legitimate ways to boost your following and engagement.

Ugly Instagram Bots

As the name suggests, this category includes bots that should have been done better but were not.

A good example is a bot that analyzes your Instagram account and gives you a list of inactive followers. It may include abandoned Instagram accounts, zombie accounts, or simply other bots.

You could use this list to remove inactive followers and increase your Instagram account health and engagement.

But, unfortunately, most of such bots are poorly written and can cause your Instagram account to shut down.

Conclusions And Next Steps

Do not use bad and ugly bots that are not officially approved by Instagram and Facebook.

To see if a bot is approved, check its website. And look for an official Instagram and Facebook partner badge.

The badge should be displayed somewhere at the bottom of the website. If it’s not there, chances are the developer is not an official Instagram and Facebook partner.

If you are still on the fence about using unofficial bots, google their name and see what other users say.

At this point, I would recommend skipping all four and five-star reviews as they are likely to be paid or incentivized. Instead, check all the one and two-star reviews to see what people say.

Finally, if you want to increase your followers, engagement, and revenue without risking or spending money on Instagram bots, check out this free guide.

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