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Here you can download free Instagram guide books, template kits, and free samples. All made to grow your social influence and revenue. Enjoy!

Get Verified On Instagram In Five Steps. Free Sample.

This book is a complete and tested guide on how to get verified on Instagram.

The book is built on years of first-hand experience with successful Instagram verifications. It will take you from start to Instagram-verified in five steps:

  1. Check and resolve account penalties.
  2. Optimize certain account areas.
  3. Boost your notability.
  4. Get prioritized for verification.
  5. Apply for verification using best practices.

In addition, this book reveals verification scam scenarios to keep readers aware and safe from scammers and unintentional violations of Instagram guidelines.

It also reveals what can be a helpful addition to a verification case. And what would be a waste of time and money.

As a bonus, the book provides an action plan and progress checklist to keep the reader on track to successful Instagram verification.

Please note, that this page offers a free sample only. You can buy the complete book with the action plan and checklist here.

Best Time To Post On Instagram. Complete Guide

This Instagram guide book will explain to you what is the best time to post on Instagram. How to find your personal best time, and how it can help you hack the Instagram algorithm to gain more Instagram followers and grow on Instagram fast.

Insta Stories: Everything You Should Know

This Instagram guide book will explain to you what is Insta, or IG stories. What is the best Instagram story viewer. How to download an Instagram story. And how to view Instagram stories anonymously.

This book will also explain to you what is the best time to post your Insta stories. What are the best practices and big no-nos. And how to use your IG stories to boost your Instagram growth and revenue.

Instagram Hashtags: Read This First

This Instagram guide book will teach you how to find the best hashtags for Instagram. And how to use the Instagram hashtag search or generator to spot the top-ranked and trending Instagram hashtags. So you could grow your followers, engagement, and Influence.

Instagram Profile Picture, Bio, Username, And Name: Full Guide

This Instagram guide book will show you how to craft a perfect Instagram profile picture, bio, username, and name. So you could boost your followers, leads, and sales.

If you struggle to convert your Instagram visitors into loyal followers and clients, then this book is for you.

Instagram Templates Kit

This kit contains the following files that will help you create pixel-perfect Instagram content:

  • Instagram Story Template
  • Profile Picture Template

Instagram Story Template

Standard story size: 1080 x 1920 px

To ensure your story content is visible, stay within the dashed lines indicated in the template.

Profile Picture Template

Your Instagram profile picture needs to be at least 500 x 500 pixels to look clean and of high quality.

Please note that it will show up as a 120 x 120 pixels image.

Please also note that your profile picture will appear as a circle. The circle limits are indicated as the blue dashed lines in the template.

Check back soon! We constantly add new and free Instagram guide books and resources to grow your social influence and revenue.