Instagram Blue Tick: 5 Facts You Should Know

Instagram blue tick became a status symbol. A digital property that drives attention, credibility, and revenue. But did you know how it originated and why it exists? Read on to reveal these 5 facts about an Instagram blue tick, that you probably never knew.

Fact # 1 Justin Bieber Got Verified By a Phone Call

In the early days, Instagram did not seem like a venue for celebrities.

However, when the app got consistent traction, it got noticed by actors and artists. And, Justin Bieber was one of them.

The day he joined the app put Instagram in front of a couple of problems. One is that servers were crashing every time he posted. And the second one is a rapid spread of impostor and fan accounts.

The later problem was solved by Introducing Instagram blue tick, or a checkmark.

Instagram had no formal process for verifying users. Therefore, all it took Bieber to get his blue badge is to call the Instagram employee and confirm his identity by telling “Hey, it’s Justin”

Fact # 2 You Don’t Need To Be Famous To Get Instagram Blue Tick

It’s true, the badge is common among celebrities rather than regular users. But you don’t need to be famous to get an Instagram blue tick. Verification confirms that the account is an authentic representation of a person. And that’s the sole purpose of it. The person can be absolutely anyone. From a local journalist to a school athlete.

Fact # 3 You Don’t Need Many Followers To Get Instagram Blue Tick

Thinking that you need many followers to get the checkmark is a misconception.

People and brands get verified with as few as tens of followers. Show Me CBBC is one example. At the time of getting verified, their Instagram account had only 77 followers.


Fact # 4 Media Partners Can’t Charge You For Getting You Verified

Most verified accounts got verified through Media partners. These companies get access to a Media Partner Portal. The portal is a tool to claim verifications, merge accounts, claim usernames, etc.

However, Facebook does not allow Media Partners to charge for verification or similar services. This restriction is got around by charging for consultancy or PR, preceding verification.

Fact # 5 You Can Get Instagram Blue Tick Without Spending a Dollar

Instagram does not charge for verification. However, it takes some budget to get yourself in the position of being qualified for verification. Most of the budget goes to preparing press features. Which is necessary to qualify the notability in particular.

However, you can get the required number of press features without spending money. You can learn more about it here.

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