How To Get 1 Cent Cheap Instagram Ads

If you wonder how much Instagram ads cost or how to run Instagram story ads using ads manager. And how you can get them for 1 cent, then this guide is for you.

Which Instagram Ad Type Costs 1 Cent?

If you want to run ads on Instagram, you have two main options:

Run your ad using Instagram posts, where users will see it in their feed.

And run your ad using Instagram stories. In this case, users will see your ad in between stories.

If you think which one to choose, here is the secret: Instagram story ads cost 60 times less than Instagram post ads.

Your Instagram story ads can be as cheap as 1 cent per conversion. While your Instagram post ads will cost $1 for every conversion they make.

Think of that. Every dollar you spend to get one conversion with Instagram post ads can bring you 60 conversions if you use Instagram story ads.

A conversion can mean a range of actions that you set. It can be a new follower, comment, DM, link visit, or an email acquisition.

How To Create and Run One Cent Instagram Ads With Ads Manager

Now, as you learned that Instagram story ads are 60 times cheaper than post ads, let us see how we can create and run our story ads for one cent.

Step 1: Craft Your Instagram Story

If you want to get a one-cent Instagram story ad, you need to make sure your story provides one or more of the following:

  • Inspiration;
  • A clear value;
  • An interesting story;
  • The hook.


People love feeling inspired. That’s why they follow influencers, celebrities, and other top performers from different areas.

If your story is no different from what your target audience sees and experiences in day-by-day life. Then why would they react to it?

Offer a clear value

If you want to run Instagram ads, chances are you want to share something of value with your target audience.

Keep things simple. Make sure you explain your valuable offer simply and briefly.

Here is a good framework for a simple and short value proposition to inspire your Instagram ads:

Are you hungry? We’ll deliver you a burger within 30 minutes. Order now and get a 20% discount.

The above template checks all the boxes:

  • The problem – hunger;
  • The solution – a burger;
  • How fast the problem will be solved – 30 minutes;
  • A call to action and a sense of scarcity and urgency – Order now and get a 20%.

Tell A Story

Everybody loves interesting stories! Do not try convincing your target audience to buy your offering.

Tell them a story about how one was in position A and got into position B with your solution. Include testimonials and do not push too much. And you will see a huge difference in how people respond.


Make sure your Instagram stories Ads build hype around your content and trigger a desire to go down your funnel.

To achieve that, obscure some parts of your story and invite your prospects to learn more, download a file, send a DM, or anything else that works for your case.

Step 2: Define Your Audience

You will need your audience parameters to set up your Instagram ad demographics. Which we will cover later in this guide.

To prepare your audience you need to define the following parameters:

  1. Age of your audience;
  2. Gender;
  3. Country and cities your audience lives in;
  4. Interests of your audience;

Step 3: Prepare Your Ads And Audience

Now you need to repeat steps one and two above until you have five versions of your story and five versions of your audience.

When you accomplish that, you will have five stories and five demographics.

It means you can run a test on 25 different ads to see which ones work well and need to be doubled down. And which ones should be pulled off.

Ready with this step? Let us start creating Instagram story ads.

Step 4: Run Your Instagram Story Ads With Ads Manager

To follow this step, you need to set up your Ads Manager. And connect your Instagram account and Facebook Page.

To do that, go to the Ads Manager and follow the instructions. Once you are ready, proceed to the final steps of this guide:

  1. In your ads manager, click to create a new campaign;
  2. Chose Brand awareness as a target, and click to continue;
  3. Give your campaign a name and continue to the next page;
  4. Set up your demographics using the data from the Define Your Audience above;
  5. Set 2-3 dollars as your daily budget;
  6. Scroll down and make sure you tick the Manual placements option;
  7. Remove all ad placements except for Instagram Stories;
  8. Proceed to the ad creatives page and download your story or choose it from your library;
  9. Now you can publish your Instagram story ad.
  10. Once you hit publish, Facebook will review and approve your ad.

Step 5: Refine Your Instagram Story Ads

  1. Once your ad is approved, go to the ad set and duplicate your ad from there.
  2. Upload your next story and select your audience from the list you prepared before;
  3. Repeat until you have 25 ads with different stories and demographics;
  4. Give your ads three days to run before you can judge results;
  5. After three days, remove ads that don’t perform well. And double down on your best ads;
  6. To double down on the ad, duplicate it and increase the budget up to 20%;
  7. Never increase your daily budget by more than 20%, as it may negatively impact the ad algorithm;

Conclusions And Next Steps

If you implement actions from this guide, your Instagram story ads will cost you as cheap as 1 cent per conversion.

If you’re looking for more ways to grow your influence and revenue using Instagram, check out our Go Viral guide here.

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