How To Become Verified On Instagram Without Being Scammed

How To Become Verified On Instagram Without Being Scammed?

If you are reading this guide, chances are you did a search on Google on how to get verified on Instagram. Maybe you engaged with some posts on Instagram offering a verification. Or watched related videos on Youtube.

If you did anything of, or similar to this, you left digital footprints that may be used by scammers to target you with a compelling verification offer.

No worries. This guide will teach you How To Become Verified On Instagram Without Being Scammed.

Before we start, let’s see the most common Instagram verification scam scenarios.

I Know The Guy

One of the most common patterns used by scammers is they know or work with a guy from Instagram. Who can flip the switch, and you get you the shiny blue badge.

They also ask you to refer your friends to their service and get a cut from the profit.

This type of scammer typically charges anywhere from $20 to $400. Sometimes more.

The payment terms may require that you pay half the price upfront and the second half after you have the badge.

As proof of the authenticity of their service, they will send you a reference to the accounts they have successfully verified.

Usually, those accounts have nothing to do with the scammer. And if you point that out, you will inevitably stumble upon counterarguments.

Every argument they bring sounds like your verification is a fact that has already come true. Just go through the motions and send the first half of the payment.

They would urge you to pay using CashApp or PayPal friends and family payment method, which means you will not be eligible for a refund.

They justify it as with this payment method they will receive your money sooner and it will speed up things for you.

When you pay your first half, they either disappear or continue feeding you with the proof of progress.

At this point, they might send you a photo of records with your account submitted for verification. A video of your account with a verification badge that will reflect on your end soon. Or some internal conversation with involved staff.


Source: A scammer in my DM.

All made up to make you pay the balance.

Whether you pay the rest or decline until you see your verification badge, the scammer will disappear. Leaving you with no further response and, of course, the badge.

You Are Eligible To Become Verified On Instagram

Next on our list are infamous messages allegedly on behalf of the Instagram or Facebook team.

Here is an example of such an email.


I will not go into detail here as Instagram has officially addressed this. Instagram and Facebook will never send you a DM or email you with verification offers.

You may sometimes receive similar DMs from some verified accounts. Please note, these accounts got hijacked and will be taken down soon.

Instagram Verification Software

In this type of Instagram verification scam, an individual will claim he allegedly has a so-called Verified Injection tool. The tool does one job: it activates a verification for you and moves your account to the database of usernames eligible for verification.

To activate the verification of your account, it needs a push from whatever grade it has to a minimum of grade four.

A grade level corresponds to the number of followers the account has. Below is an example of grades pitched by a scammer:

  • 0-2 thousand is a 1-star grade;
  • 2-15k thousand is a 2-star grade;
  • 15-55k thousand is a 3-star grade;
  • 55-150k thousand is a 4-star grade;
  • 100k upwards is a 5-star grade.

The scammer may show you a demo video of the magic tool in action. Here is the demo below.


Source: A scammer in my DM.

The demo shows the tool working its magic, pushing an Instagram account to the required grade and activating a verification.

If you carefully followed me, you would have noticed that the above grading has nothing to do with reality. Having a big number of followers does not qualify an account for verification.

As to a so-called Verified Injection that activates a verification for you: even if this or anything of this fashion ever worked, Instagram would know soon and take down any account verified with this magic.

Verified Accounts On Sale

There is an entire guide about buying verified Instagram accounts. You can read it here.

Re-Branding And Verifying Your Account

Here is how it works: The seller will claim the desired username and verify it for you.

As you learned, claiming usernames and applying for accounts verification can be done by official Facebook Media Partners through the Media Partner Portal.

However, you may come across a scammer disguised as the official partner. The scammer will hack an account, get the username, verify it (with a hijacked Media Portal access or other manipulations), give it to you, and take your money, regain access to the account using the original email. Then sell it to someone else. Or even more simple: take your money and disappear. Without hacking anything.

How To Become Verified On Instagram, Eligibly

Now as you’re safe from becoming a victim of Instagram verification scammers, you are ready for your journey to becoming verified on Instagram.

Follow this free step-by-step guide to becoming verified on Instagram. Everyone who follows and implements it gets verified, guaranteed.

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