How To Be Verified On Instagram With Minimum Followers

How To Be Verified On Instagram With Minimum Followers? The truth is you don’t need many followers to get verified on Instagram. Here is the proof:

How To Be Verified On Instagram With Less Than 100 Followers

Yes, verified Instagram accounts with 100 followers or less do exist.


One of them is @showmecbbc – CBBC’s Show. The image shows they had 77 followers at the time of being verified.


CBBC is an established media brand.

What can you take from it?

Considering the context, it is evident that CBBC can verify their official Instagram accounts without any followers.

Does it apply to you? If it does, you can stop right here and get verified on Instagram. If it does not, let us move on.

How To Be Verified On Instagram With Less Than 200 Followers

Here is another example: During this writing, the account had 179 followers, a cartoon face on the avatar. And it was private.


As per the official Instagram documentation, Instagram does not verify private accounts and accounts without an authentic profile picture.


A person close to the source advised that it might be a test account or a hacked, abandoned account of a once notable person.

How To Be Verified On Instagram With Less Than 980 Followers


The owner of the account is a musical artist. It’s easier to get verified on Instagram as a musician. Compared to other account categories.

In addition, I assume that the artist applied for verification while his name was hot in the news. Learn why it matters here.

What can you take from it?

If your account category falls into the prioritized group, and you are applying for verification while scoring news headlines, you may need as few as 980 followers to get verified.

How To Be Verified On Instagram With 2 595 Followers


The account owner is a notable business figure with extensive and current press coverage from sources like Time Magazine.

What can you take from it?

If you are a businessman covered by current and eligible news features from the top media publications, your minimum followers count can be as low as 2 595, and I would say, even less than that.

Takeaways And Final Answer:

The above people and brands got successfully Verified On Instagram with minimum followers because:

  • They are notable;
  • Their Instagram account category is easy to verify.

Follow this guide to qualify notability criteria and see if you can leverage an Instagram account category that is easy to verify.

With that said. The majority of verified accounts, from my experience, had a minimum of 5k followers at the time of verification.

If your followers’ count is below that number, you may consider giving it healthy organic growth.

Sophia Carrington

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