Get Verified On Instagram In Five Steps


Do You Want To Get Verified On Instagram?

Grab this complete and tested guide, and get verified on Instagram in five steps. Or get your money back.

Have You Applied For Verification And Got Rejected?

Maybe you have been scammed by someone offering you a verification? Or you’re afraid to apply and get rejected?

This is your chance to finally get verified on Instagram.

This book is built on years of first-hand experience with successful Instagram verifications. It will take you from start to Instagram-verified in five steps:

  1. Check and resolve account penalties.
  2. Optimize certain account areas.
  3. Boost your notability.
  4. Get prioritized for verification.
  5. Apply for verification using best practices.

Get Verified On Instagram In Five Steps. Book Overview.

Do This First!

In this section, you will learn about the verification process and eligibility basics. You will also learn how to check and resolve penalties

Optimize Your Account

This is the part where you will learn the common patterns of successfully verified Instagram accounts.

Then, you will see how to maintain an optimal account activity. How many followers, and what engagement level do you need to getverified on Instagram.

Boost Your Notability

This is the most critical chapter of the book. In this chapter, we will explain to you the number of press features you need.

Then, we will reveal what press features and news sources are eligible for verification. And how to get them, so you could pass the Instagram notability check.

Get Prioritized

This chapter will reveal extra advantages for you, so you could secure your verification success.

Get Verified

In this section, we will walk you through verification request submission methods. And reveal the best practice for each method.So you could get verified on Instagram smoothly.

  1. In-App Submission
  2. Facebook Ads Manager
  3. Media Partner Portal

Bonus Chapter: Avoid Scams

We included this chapter so you could save time and money. And avoid scammers that capitalize on people who crave their shiny blue checkmark.

Bonus Chapter: Myths & True

Finally, we will address the most common questions that we hear from our readers.So you could focus only on what works.

  1. I’ve been verified on TikTok. Will it help?
  2. Should I get a Google Knowledge Panel?
  3. Will I get verified if I am a best-selling author?
  4. Can I include podcast features in my press?
  5. Do I need an Imdb Page?
  6. Should I get a Wikipedia Page?
  7. Shoul I consider Forbes or Entrepreneur for press?
  8. I have impostors on Instagram. Will it help?
  9. Should I file a trademark for my Instagram?

Book Freebies

We have included Action Plan and Progress Checklist in the book. So your Instagram verification journey runs smoothly and well organized.

Some Of Our Results


Before putting this book together, we’ve successfully helped numerous accounts get verified. We’ll be adding more of such examples once we receive written consent from account owners.

Please note, it’s generally hard to get disclosure consent from verified accounts owners. To respect the privacy of the accounts, we are obliged to obscure names and usernames. We believe it’s fair.


Those Who Use This Book, Get verified On Instagram. Period.

Get verified on Instagram in five steps with clear guidance, action plan, and checklist.

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