Don’t Verify Instagram Account With Agency Before Reading This

Did you try to verify your Instagram account on your own and failed? You are not alone. The majority of verified Instagram account owners used agencies to make sure their verification request goes through.

Media agencies can help you verify your Instagram account by submitting your request. Given that you already qualify for Instagram verification criteria. If you don’t, an agency can help you get qualified. And then, apply the request for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Verify Your Instagram Account?

If you already qualify for verification criteria. An agency will just submit the request to verify your Instagram account. This service may cost around $3000 for a person. And around $5000 for a brand.

If you don’t qualify for verification criteria, which means you may need some PR around your persona or brand. Then an agency will provide you with a PR campaign, proceeding to a verification request.

Some agencies offer a special Instagram Verification package that includes a PR service plus submitting an application to verify your Instagram account via their Media Partner Portal.

In this case, the service will cost around $15000 for a person. And around $20000 for a brand.

How Long Does It Take To Verify Your Instagram Account?

If you need no PR, the time for submitting your application and receiving the verdict will take around one week.

If you need PR first, this will take anywhere from one to three months. Plus one week for submitting your application and receiving the feedback.

How To Choose The Right Agency To Verify Your Instagram Account?

If you decide to hire an agency to verify your Instagram account with PR, make sure the agency provides the following:

  1. A minimum of 10 full feature articles (news).
  2. These articles are indexed by Google News.
  3. The news are not tagged as sponsored or paid content or as an ad.
  4. The news get published in reliable local, national, or international news sources with editors only write access and decent monthly audience size.
  5. The sources are not: owned by you or your business, websites with user-generated content, press release websites, and low authority news platforms.
  6. The articles are permanent.
  7. You get a list of links of all articles placed for you.
  8. The articles have your name in the headline – preferably.
  9. The articles contain high-quality images of you – preferably.

Please be aware that most agencies offer no refund if they failed to verify your Instagram account.

Before you pay any amount, please make sure the service you buy satisfies the above conditions upfront.

Lookup an agency on Google: Are they open and transparent? What kind of reviews do they have? Are the reviews authentic, or do they look like a paid promotion?

If an agency works with a custom service contract, you may copy and paste the above criteria into the contract.

If it has a standard agreement and does not accept any amendments from your side, make sure you list the above conditions as mandatory before you pay.

Finally, add an extra layer of security by using a PayPal payment eligible for a refund or an escrow service. Or, choose an agency that does not charge you unless you are verified – This is the best option.

Don’t Do This

Never attempt to buy access to the Media Partner Portal. This is strictly against Facebook Guidelines and the web is full of shady players.

Do not use Fiverr or other freelance marketplaces to buy PR. Sources there are publicly available. Most of them are blacklisted by Instagram. And they won’t help you verify your Instagram account.

Please note that Media partners are not allowed to get paid to verify your Instagram account. However, they may charge you for a PR service and then submit your request for free.

Next Steps

If you are still not sure if you want to spend money on the press features to verify your Instagram account, you can check our step-by-step guide here.

Even if you already have the press, you still need a reliable media partner to make sure your verification request goes through. You may browse and choose an agency here.

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